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Pharmacogenetics and nutrigenomics

CREA-MED is participating in the personalized medicine global revolution by being one of the first medical clinics to offer you the opportunity to tailor your diet or medication according to your genetic profile.

In collaboration with BiogeniQ, Créa-Med can provide you with tools to:

  • Get unique health tips that are practical, useful, and simple
  • Reduce the risk of side effects from medication
  • Make it easier for medical staff to personalize your health care



Genetics regulate our metabolism and the way our body reacts to nutrients and medication.

Our goal is to make your DNA information available to you in an efficient and ethical way. Using integrated reports, we can give you simple recommendations that you and your healthcare professional can use.



Isolating your DNA is easy, pain-free, and quick. A small saliva sample is all that is required and will be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

During a consultation at CREA-MED, you will then receive a personalized booklet that describes certain aspects of your genetic code, allowing you or your healthcare professional to follow specific recommendations beneficial to your health.

With information about your genetic code and with the advice of a healthcare professional, you’ll be equipped to adapt your diet, medication, and healthcare services to your specific needs.



There are two tests currently available. They provide two unique applications using your individual genetic information.

  • NutriQx for nutrigenomics
  • PharmaQx for pharmacogenomics


Nutrigenomics studies how genes interact with nutrients.

A better comprehension of the link between your genetic profile and how your body reacts to your diet will allow you to enjoy the benefits of better food choices.

NutriQx provides you with a genetic report identifying the genetic markers that affect how your body reacts to your dietary intake. That way, you’ll know if any of your genetic features predispose you to certain risks or benefits associated with vitamins or foods such as folic acid, saturated fats, coffee, etc. Genetic variations can indeed explain the body’s response to certain foods and supplements.

nutriQx En



Pharmacogenetics studies how genes respond to medication.

PharmaQx provides you with a personalized genetic profile that can help predict how you will react to over 50 common medications. Your genetic traits influence the amount of dosage you need, the side effects you experience, and how effective a drug can be for you. Knowing these variations can be useful when deciding if a specific drug is right for you and what dosage would be appropriate to obtain the desired results.

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Contact our staff to find out how to obtain your genetic information.