Let us Create your wellness today with tomorrow's medicine


For an annual fee, Créa-MeD offers you personalized medical care that covers:

  1. An annual check-up (physical check-up, review of medical history and prescription renewals)
  2. One follow-up visit of 15 minutes
  3. A second follow-up visit that can be replaced by :
    • an osteopathy session
    • an acupuncture session
    • a nutrition consultation
    • or a vaginal cytology (Pap Test) for women
  4. One emergency visit or telephone consultation
  5. Standard laboratory tests for your age group
  6. Annual influenza vaccine, if desired
  7. Appointment within one business day with your physician and/or access to counseling with our nursing staff
  8. Review of your file and digitization of relevant information
  9. Prescription renewal by telephone
  10. Assistance with insurance claim forms, at no extra charge
  11. Assistance with booking appointments with specialists for additional exams

We offer you diversified number of packages that will allow you to take better care of your health condition. To discover these packages click here.