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Stress Management


Chronic stress can have a devastating effect on our overall state of health. It leads to premature aging, wears us down, and can result in depression. In some cases, it can have truly detrimental effects on our lives. Therefore, stress management is an essential part of any overall health program. Créa-MeD offers you the services of a psychologist specializing in stress management through:

  • Personalized short and medium-term plans
  • Cognitive/behavioural approach (TTC) and integrated approach (body and spirit)
  • Use of clinical hypnosis, biofeedback (therapeutic cardiac coherence), and EMDR as needed.

Cardiac coherence

Cardiac coherence is a measure of the resistance level of our central nervous system. With time and due to the effects of stress, we lose our capacity to easily transition from being alert to a state of relaxation. This over-alertness significantly increases our levels of stress hormones and is taxing for our bodies. Biofeedback exercises can greatly improve our capacity for bodily relaxation.

Créa-MeD can help you to achieve this through rehabilitation in cardiac coherence with the help of our psychologist.