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PAP test

  • Appointment with nurse at short notice
  • Method 50% more sensitive
  • Results in three or four business days or less
  • HPV screening

Every year, about 1,300 new cases of uterine cancer are diagnosed in Canada, including approximately 350 women in Quebec. Uterine cancer also accounts for 400 deaths in Canada every year.

It is estimated that up to 90% of cases of uterine cancer could have been prevented through regular screening. In fact, uterine cancer can usually be cured if it is diagnosed at an early stage.

This is why Créa-MeD recommends the new liquid-based Pap test. The technical limitations of a conventional Pap test stem from the fact that most of the cells are eliminated from the sample, making it less representative of the patient’s actual state of health.

By using the test we recommend, almost all of the sampled cells are examined, translating into a higher detection rate of abnormal or cancerous cells.

How does the liquid-based Pap test work ?