COVID-19 Serology

Antibody COVID-19 Serology (IgG)

Many experts in Canada and around the world support the relevance of using serology testing as an important tool for monitoring the disease. Indeed, IgM antibodies appear first in the blood and increase rapidly, within 3 to 7 days, indicating an infection with the virus.  The presence of IgG antibodies then becomes apparent and usually persists after 14 days, making it possible to determine whether an asymptomatic person has been infected with the virus. The most recent statistics indicate that 25% of infected patients show no symptoms.

Based on the behaviour of most viral infections, the presence of antibodies could indicate that a person has developed immunity to the virus in question. However, this immunity could be temporary or partial. Also, the mere presence of antibodies does not mean that you are protected from a new infection, only that you…may have already been infected at some time in the past. 

This test which has been approved by Health Canada is very sensitive and specific. However, its interpretation has to be done by taking into account that the percentage of the overall population previously infected is quite low.  A negative result obtained more than 3 weeks after a previous viral infection will mean that this infection was not Covid-19. However, a positive result will need to take into account your previous history to be interpreted more accurately. Hence, the clinic will provide you at no supplementary cost a follow-up visit with a physician if your test result is positive. 

This test is not a screening test of an active disease. If you do have viral disease symptoms which may be related to Covid-19 or you had some in the last 14 days, you need to be screened by an alternative method in a designated screening Center. 

Fees and other conditions

This test is available at the cost of $135. There is no fee for opening a file and a follow-up visit with a physician is included if you test positive.

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