These days, healthy and fulfilling sexuality is an important part of a balanced overall health.

But for this, it’s important to take your sexual health seriously and get tested regularly. Not only it is more reassuring for all parties involved, but it also lets you be more relaxed and confident in your sexual relationships.

However, the question remains: “Where can I go for STI/STD (sexually transmitted infection/disease) testing?”

Get Tested at Créa-MeD

The mantra “No news is good news,” which is often used in the healthcare field, can be frustrating. By getting tested for sexually transmitted infections in a private clinic such as Créa-MeD, you are sure to receive a follow-up, regardless of the result.

Not only they take care of the samples, but their team is also specially trained to answer your questions in terms of testing and sexual health.

Créa-MeD even uses a cutting-edge application to let you have access to your results via your smartphone. In addition, it’s very fast to make an appointment; just contact them!

Where to Go for STI/STD Testing? A CLSC!

Getting tested regularly is a healthy and intelligent practice for both you and your partners.

Local community service centres (CLSCs) across the province can perform STI testing.

Most CLSCs operate by making an appointment over the phone, but it’s certainly possible to show up in person the same day to request an STI/STD test.

Sexual Health Clinics: Myth or Reality?

Little known, sexual health clinics can be found throughout Quebec. They also specialize in answering your questions about your private life and addressing concerns about your sexual health.

The services offered by this type of clinic include:

  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs);
  • Assessment and advice on starting or continuing a contraception method;
  • Information and advice on romantic relationships and pregnancy;
  • Medical referrals;
  • Other sexual health-related requests.

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Family Planning Clinics: an Uncommon Option

It’s very important to get tested if you’re planning to conceive a child. Many sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted at birth, so it’s essential to get tested.

Family planning clinics, often associated with your region’s CIUSSS (Integrated Health and Social Services Centre), can therefore perform STI/STD testing.

These specialized clinics will therefore be able to support you during your pregnancy in the event that an STI is detected.

Testing is Important

Getting tested for a sexually transmitted disease can be anxiety-inducing. That said, it’s always best to get tested regularly to avoid any complications.

Whether it’s at a private clinic, a CLSC, or a specialized clinic, multiple options are available to you for fulfilling sexual health!

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