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Men and women reach their fertility peak between the ages of 15 and 25. In the following years, the body begins a slow aging process and fertility declines. Energy levels decrease and, little by little, muscle mass diminishes or is replaced by fat. Physical strength declines. Menopause or andropause eventually occurs, resulting in problems concentrating and memory loss, reduced elasticity of the skin, and a diminished capacity of the organs.

The rate of aging depends largely on nutrition, exercise, and the environment, be it internal, through our hormones, or through external stress factors. Measuring the impact of all these factors on our body enables us to take steps to slow down the process and therefore delay the appearance of several symptoms related to aging.

Créa-MeD offers you a range of regenerative functional treatments that can be considered a form of preventive medicine to help you regain and maintain an optimal state of health, regardless of your actual age.

In addition to adequate sleep, a healthy and diet with a low glycemic index, and an appropriate amount of physical exercise, it is we must make sure our hormonal functionality is maintained at optimal levels for our age. In fact, since hormone levels progressively decline after the age of 30, hormone levels should be approximately one third higher than average in order to mirror the performance of a person who is physically fit. Insulin and cortisone are the exceptions to this rule and should normally be kept at a level that is one third lower than average as they tend to speed up the aging process.

Anti-aging involves a synergy between a healthy lifestyle, a good diet with a low glycemic index, and appropriate supplements. Therefore, with the right nutrition, physical exercise, and corrected hormone levels, we can enjoy greater vitality and live longer and healthier lives. This can be achieved thanks to personalized treatment programs that take into account the patient’s lifestyle habits, their medical history, stress levels, and personal priorities. Even though we may not be able to actually prolong life, we can largely prevent premature aging symptoms and ensure a better quality of life.

Every assessment is personal. Some indicators may also call for complementary treatments. Moreover, Créa-MeD will evaluate the quality of your sleep, muscular strength and suppleness, bone density, and your body’s percentage of lean and fatty tissues (measured in specific areas and over the body as a whole) as well as assessing your memory and cognitive abilities, before determining the specific treatments appropriate for you.