Private Medical Clinic

Créa-MeD is a medical clinic that listens to your needs. Always open in times of pandemic, the reception is always courteous.


Crea-MeD Private Medical Clinic stays open during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Moreover, we now provide an easy access to phone consultation if your condition does not require a physical exam.

In order to reduce to a minimum the risk of transmission, we made sure to redesign the waiting rooms to ensure a safe distance.

Wearing a mask is now required by Public Health in all circulation areas. If possible, please come alone to your appointment.


Créa-MeD offers you a wide range of services: family medicine, STI screening, treatment of menopause or andropause, colposcopy, private laboratory, COVID-19 serology and even genetic screening.

Phone consultation

If adequate, you may consult us by telephone or by videoconference. Contact us to book an appointment with a doctor.

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STI/STD testing

Créa-MeD offers a screening service for STIs: chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis, HIV and herpes. Our service is confidential and personalized.

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Family Medicine

The Créa-MeD clinic is a family medicine clinic that also offers consultations for women’s health, and men’s health.

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Women’s health

Créa-MeD can help you with your contraceptive needs, vaginal cytology (Pap test), colposcopy, or for the treatment of menopause.

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Men’s health

We can help you with STI screening, performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, andropause, or a prostate problem.

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Genetic testing

If your family history puts you at risk for a genetic predisposition, our doctors may recommend genetic testing as indicated.

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Private laboratory

Our private laboratory service on site avoids line-ups and unnecessary exposure. We contact all our patients with all their results.

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Other services

Créa-MeD offers you the free PortableEHR mobile application to receive your results confidentially and securely on your mobile phone.

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About us

We are a private medical clinic offering personalized service and follow-up of all results.

Our team of doctors will be able to help you in family medicine, sexual health, menopause, andropause. We implement the use of new technologies so you may securely have direct access to your personalized medical information.


Dr. Marc Robin who has been my doctor for 5 years has always been a great listener, this morning he took the time to explain to me and my wife the situation of my state of health, without hiding anything, he gives us the necessary tools.


Very good experience at this clinic, the reception is punctual and the doctor is very attentive. The meeting was efficient, the doctor very quickly identified my disease and was able to prescribe me a remedy adapted to my health complications.


I love this medical clinic! No waiting for an appointment, super friendly, professional and caring staff! You don’t feel like a number at Créa-MeD, unlike the public medical system which leaves a lot to be desired!


My boyfriend referred me to this clinic and I have no regrets about my visit. It was my first visit to a private medical clinic and the best one. I didn’t even wait a minute for someone to call me.


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