Frequently Asked Questions

Will the fees be covered by my insurance?

Our patients are provided with detailed receipts upon payment of their bill. These receipts can be submitted to their insurance company, who  evaluates the amount to be reimbursed if applicable. Because we do not deal directly with private insurance companies, and coverage plans tend to vary, we always advise our patients to check in with their insurer prior to their medical appointments.

Is any service provided by Créa-MeD covered by the Régie de l'Assurance Maladie du Québec?

No service provided at Créa-MeD is covered by or claimable under RAMQ. Consequently, our services would not be reimbursed under any other Canadian provincial or territorial Medicare. Our patients do however retain the option of having any test or specialized consultation prescribed by our doctors done within the public health system. We will still follow up on your results as soon as we receive them!

What about when I fill in my tax return?

You can keep your receipts to be added to your annual tax declaration under medical expenses.

Do you have walk-in hours?

As we do not like to keep you waiting, we do not offer a walk-in service. Our appointments are fast and simple to schedule. Come see the difference!

Will I be able to see the same doctor if I need a follow-up appointment?

Our doctors work at the clinic full-time, so their time is not split between different clinics. We try our best to keep patients with the same doctor to ensure optimal patient care. We believe that a doctor who knows his patient makes for more productive visits and a better patient-doctor communication.