Private Laboratory

Créa-MeD provides you with private laboratory services and follow-ups. Our on-site nurses obtain samples and ensure they are securely processed, identified, and sent to the laboratory.

We offer a wide range of laboratory services, including:

  • Blood tests
  • Vaginal cytology (PAP test) and HPV screening
  • Screening for STDs and STBBIs
  • Managing menopause
  • Managing andropause
  • Pharmacogenetics 
  • Genetic testing for hereditary cancer

Laboratory fees are invoiced according to the rates of our partner, CDL Laboratories. CDL offers competitive prices and their fees are eligible for reimbursement from most insurance companies. Créa-MeD has negotiated a substantial decrease in costs for multiple groups of analyses. 

We also accept medical requisitions from other clinics.

Please note that Créa-Med receives laboratory results digitally from CDL Laboratories and that they are automatically archived in patient file to ensure proper follow-up. Over the last few years, Créa-MeD has, in partnership with its private laboratory partner and its digital filing software provider, developed a unique multi-functional system to follow up with test results.

As per its quality policy, Créa-MeD will inform you of your tests results as soon as they are validated, whether the tests are normal or abnormal. At Créa-MeD, we believe that the patient should be informed of any results as soon as possible. This is an essential element of any high-quality medical care that helps avoid mistakes linked to diagnostic delays. In fact, the expression “No news is good news” is not part of a comprehensive medical service.

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Over the last few years, Créa-MeD has developed an innovative solution to follow up on lab results.

Portable EHR is a mobile application allowing secure transmission of notifications from your doctor to your personal mobile device.

Our expertise

Créa-MeD has been offering sexual health services since 2008. In the last decade, we have developed a service based on our patients’ needs and feedbacks.

      • Quick access to appointments
      • A team of healthcare professionals ready to guide you and answer your questions
      • Results communicated to you automatically (no news good news is old news!)
      • The guarantee of the best confidentiality standards

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