Packages and Fees

To have a family doctor at the clinic you must become a member by subscribing. Memberships are for a period of one year and automatically renewed on an annual basis.

Annual Membership (Taxes not included)

  • Canadian resident: $99
  • Non-resident : $149

Medical consultation

  • Emergency consultation / medical follow-up: $175
  • Renewal of 2 medications or less: $175
  • Annual physical : $285
  • Mental health : $285

Medical procedures*

  • Colposcopy: $150
  • Cryotherapy (nitrogen): $90
  • Minor surgery: starting at $100
  • Infiltration: $90
  • IUD/Nexplanon insertion: $95
  • Pap test: $30

* Please note that the cost of medical procedures will be added to the cost of your medical consultation


  • Certificate: starting at $30
  • Medical form: starting at $85
  • Document transfer: starting at $40

Nursing consultation

  • Cytology (Pap test) / Asympomatic STI screening: $80

Nursing procedures

  • Vaccination: starting at $45
  • Ear irrigation: $50
  • Bandage: $60
  • EKG: $95
  • Injection: $30

Additional fees

  • Administrative fee for medical consultation for non-member patients: $60
  • Administrative fee for nursing care for non-member patients: $30

Contextual fees

  • No-show fee for a 20-minute appointment: $125
  • No-show fee for a 40-minute appointment: $175
  • No-show fee for a nursing consultation: $50

Our clinic is not responsible for any delays, whatever the cause. It will be up to the healthcare professional to determine whether the appointment can be kept or rescheduled at an alternate date and/or time.

Laboratory fees

Laboratory fees are priced according to the rates set by our partner, CDL Laboratories. These rates are very competitive and are eligible for reimbursement by most insurance providers.

Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive. For pricing information on our other treatments, please contact our team.

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