Packages and Fees

Creating your medical file

  • Canadian residents : $100+taxes
  • Non-residents : $145+taxes

Private medical visit

  • Emergency/medical follow up : 140$
  • Annual check-up /mental health/multiple health issues: 280$

Screening for STI-STBBI, HPV and Vaginal Cytology

  • Screening for STI-STBBI for men: $215 + nursing consultation $50(including HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis B)
  • Screening for STI-STBBI for women: $290 + nursing consultation $50 (including HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis B, candida, gardnerella, trichomoniasis)
  • Screening for HIV (for men and women): $95 + nursing consultation $50
  • Pap test (Liquid-based cytology): $120 + nursing consultation $50
  • Screening for HPV: $155 + nursing consultation $50
  • Colposcopy : starting at $610
  • Vaccination against HPV: $230 per dose (three doses in six months)
  • Genital warts treatment during medical consultation (cryotherapy): $90

Laboratory fees

Laboratory fees are invoiced according to the rates of our partner, CDL Laboratories.

They offer competitive prices and their fees are eligible for reimbursement from most insurance companies. Créa-MeD private medical clinic has negotiated a substantial decrease in costs for multiple analyses.

To obtain a personalized estimate, please contact the reception desk with your medical requisition in hand.

Our expertise

Créa-MeD has been offering sexual health services since 2008. In the last decade, we have developed a service based on our patients’ needs and feedbacks.

  • Quick access to appointments
  • A team of healthcare professionals ready to guide you and answer your questions
  • Results communicated to you automatically (no news good news is old news!)
  • The guarantee of the best confidentiality standards
Administrative fees*
  • Certificate of attendance: $20+taxes
  • Medical certificate : $25
  • Medical forms or reports (SAAQ, inssurances, etc.) : starting at $85
  • Prescription renewal without medical visit : $50
  • Résumé or transfer of patient’s file : starting at $35+taxes

*Doesn’t include consultation fees

Contextual fees
  • Cancellation or no show fee for new patient (with a doctor or a nurse): equivalent to file opening fee charged
  • Cancellation or no show fee existing patient (doctor): 100$
  • Cancellation or no show fee existing patient (nurse): 50$
  • Administrative fees for additional services (reprinting of receipts, lost documents, etc.): starting at $15

Note on cancellation fees, no show, and late arrivals to appointment:

Please note that the file opening fee that was charged to book your first appointment will act as a cancellation fee if you do not show up to your appointment or if you cancel it within less than 24 hours. For existing patient, the cancellation fee is of $100.

Furthermore, note that lateness, no matter the cause, may cause you to lose your appointment. It’ll be up to the health professional to decide whether to keep the appointment for that day or to schedule a new appointment on an alternate date and/or time.

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