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For one out of five Quebec residents, finding a family doctor is an ongoing challenge. Since 2016, 750 000 patients left on waiting lists saw their file denied. People in this situation find themselves alone to navigate the system, and the simplest prescription renewal can turn into a nightmare of walk-ins and waiting rooms. Needless to say that even being registered with a family doctor does not automatically grant easy access to appointments. Créa-MeD does things differently. We offer not only quick appointments, but work constantly to provide you with conscientious patient care and a human approach.

Our team consists of family doctors who have chosen a different type of practice. We center our work not around patient quotas, but on the quality of the care provided. We understand you might have more than one issue to address in a consultation, as we understand it is possible to have questions in-between follow ups. It is not too much to ask, and at Créa-MeD, we hear you.

The Crea-MeD difference

Why go private?
We make choices every day. It might be the right time for you to choose yourself. Your well-being, time and energy will thank you, as we strive every day to make the process of scheduling appointments as easy as possible for our patients. Once here at the clinic, your time should be spent in consultation, not in the waiting room. We also believe that consultations are more productive and lead to better outcomes when you know your doctor, and your doctor knows you.

Speaking of communication, here at Crea-Med no news is not, in fact, good news. You should always be updated about your results and all new additions to your file is followed by a phone call or by messaging through our secured application.

You should be able to reach out to your medical team when needed so when you call, we answer. 

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