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The PAP test

A Pap test is a simple laboratory test done on cells collected from the cervix. The sample can be preserved to be sent for analysis on a microscope slide or in a special liquid. By studying the cells, we can identify any abnormal cell activity. 

Each year in Canada, around 1300 new cases of cervical cancer are reported, with around 350 of these cases in Quebec. Cervical cancer also represents 400 deaths a year throughout the country. We now know that 90% of cervical cancer cases are caused by HPV*, which is why vaccination and prevention are so important (learn more here*). It is also important to note that the vast majority of cervical cancers can be prevented by undergoing regular PAP tests. The earlier cervical cancer is diagnosed, the better the outcomes. 

Liquid-based PAP test

The conventional PAP test method using microscope slides has its shortcomings, this is because the cells collected are often lumped on one another on the blade, rendering the analysis more difficult and more likely to miss an anomaly.

Liquid-based PAP tests (ThinPrep) have been used at Créa-MeD for years. Using this technique, the cells collected are nearly entirely preserved. Because the cells are sent to analysis in liquid suspension, the sample allows for a thorough and more precise report. Liquid-based PAP tests also reduce the sample cells’ destruction or trauma by avoiding crushing the cells on a slide and exposing them to ambient air.

What Créa-MeD offers

Créa-MeD has been offering sexual health services since 2008. In the last decade, we have developed a service based on our patients’ needs and feedbacks.

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