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Metabolism means the molecular and energy synergies which are continually taking place in every living cell or organism. This determines our energy levels and is strongly influenced by our hormone levels, our diet, our degree of physical activity, and a “newly discovered” part of the human anatomy, the microbiota.

Microbiota refers to all the micro-organisms that live in our digestive apparatus and that continuously chemically react with our cells and our body. Microbiota contains 10 to 100 times more micro-organisms than there are cells in our body and its genetic diversity is about 100 times greater. This ratio gives some indication of the importance of the biochemical interchanges which take place between the body, food intake, and microbiotic flora. The quality and type of our nutritional intake are chemical signals that affect the metabolism of our bodies and microbiota. It is now believed that microbiota plays a fundamental role in maintaining intestinal health, stimulating and adapting the immune system, protecting against other micro-organisms, and promoting good digestion and absorption of nutrients.

For this reason, Créa-MeD offers you nutritional assessments and other complementary tests in order to prepare a personalized plan for your overall health.



Supplements play a significant role in overall health, much more than was previously believed. For example, researchers have recently discovered the importance of Omega 3 in managing inflammation, and how Vitamin D maintains the immune system. Many other natural health products are also available on the market today, and it can sometimes be confusing trying to find out which ones are beneficial. Créa-MeD can provide you with advice from a natural health products specialist who can guide you in your choice of quality supplements, tailored to your specific needs.