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Personalized Medical Care

Créa-MeD’s approach to healthcare is based on preventing and treating the underlying causes of ill-health, rather than simply focusing on the obvious symptoms of a serious and chronic illness.

Each person is different and should have an overall health check-up that is tailored to their age and gender, and to their specific health needs. In some cases, studying the patient’s specific genetic traits may help identify the most appropriate treatment.

Good health involves a balanced combination of internal and external factors and requires active patient involvement. Following your check-up and the results of the various laboratory tests, we will draw up a personalized healthcare roadmap for you based on the five pillars of good health:

  1. Health-restoring slumber (elimination of sleeping disorders)
  2. Healthy immune system (elimination of food intolerances, intestinal hyperpermeability, endothelial dysfunction, or imbalance of the purification or elimination mechanisms)
  3. Optimization of hormonal balance and nutritional and energy intakes (hormone therapy and supplements if required)
  4. Musculoskeletal stimulation (personalized physical fitness program)
  5. Development of a positive relationship with yourself and your surroundings (stress management and senses management).

We provide a roadmap to our clients so they can regain their physical health and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.