Access to Information and Confidentiality

Your medical file

Your medical data is valuable, that is why we strive to protect the confidentiality of your medical file while making it more accessible than ever to the most important person: yourself. We believe that offering our patients a direct access to their data while upholding security standards higher than those at play in today’s medical field is the best way to go.

    How is it done?

    Créa-MeD is using a new way of communicating results. The EHR Portable application was designed through years of research based on patients’ needs and the issues observed in the result communication process.  

    With its use starting in 2019 at Créa-MeD, EHR Portable can be easily downloaded at the clinic or in the comfort of your own home. The application uses your own mobile phone’s security parameters and is protected by your PIN or biometric settings (facial recognition or fingerprint.) 

    Once downloaded and activated, you will be able to receive your results automatically after your doctor has validated them, and keep them for future reference if needed.

    The benefits of EHR Portable

    The EHR Portable application transforms patient care and patient experience alike. The application was developed specifically to: reduce the time delays in communicating results to patients, promote patient autonomy and control over their medical data, and improve information management.

          • The amount of time elapsed between medical validation and the communication of your results should be as short as possible. Unfortunately, with the traditional way of communicating results, hours may be lost between a missed call from your clinic and the subsequent ‘’phone tag’’. With the app, your results are automatically delivered to your phone, so that you may consult them at a time that is convenient for you.
          • To avoid any risk of miscommunication, the app notifies your medical team in the absence of an acknowledgement of receipt from your end. That way, we ensure every new result is seen and acknowledged by your doctor and yourself.
          • The EHR Portable app is designed to keep the patient at the heart of his or her medical file. At any given time, you can access, consult and archive your past and current results. 
          • As opposed to the use of email where data security is often compromised, Portable EHR encrypts your information to be seen via your application, itself protected by your personal security parameters. Once you have closed the app, no data is left to be found on your phone’s memory or on your cloud, although you can refer back to your results as many time as you wish. 

    To know more about the  EHR Portable application

    *We do not expect all of our patients to own a smartphone. Please be sure that we will keep communicating with you as always if you are unable to use the app!

    Appointments and File Opening Fees

    Our file opening fees are a one time, inclusive administrative fee, meaning that no annual fee will be expected to keep your file open and that your medical file will never expire. Appointments may be modified up to 24 hours from the appointment time. When scheduling their first appointment, new patients are asked to provide a credit card number to reserve their first visit. First time patients may also opt to drop by the clinic in person during opening hours to plan their consultation.

    Cancellation policy

    We work very hard to answer our patients’ varying need and to offer you quick appointments when needed. If you must change the date or time of your appointment, contact us up to 24 hours from your appointment time and we will be happy to find another availability for you.

    In the case where your appointment has to be changed or cancelled within 24 hours from its scheduled time, cancellation fees of 85$ apply. 

    Our expertise

    Créa-MeD has been offering sexual health services since 2008. In the last decade, we have developed a service based on our patients’ needs and feedbacks.

    • Quick access to appointments
    • A team of healthcare professionals ready to guide you and answer your questions
    • Results communicated to you automatically (no news good news is old news!)
    • The guarantee of the best confidentiality standards

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